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Fizul facts
Why newsbindaas ?
Because with the tag of most serious names, they are just complicating the issue more and more. We don’t want to change the world, we want change “How it Works”.

  • Amazing young mind’s are getting ripped off in a part time jobs. Struggling through out their life and then settle for less than they deserve.
    NewsBindas is the opportunity we have given to ourselves. It’s not just a webportal, it’s a platform of Justice.
    So here we are contributing our role in Journalism, changing it’s course and core, and without your contribution of support, it’s nearly impossible to seek vision we are dreaming.
  • newsbindaas started in 2019

  • In the last 5 years, in several general confrontation with my fizul friends, we always chit chat about so many things, and end up saying that journalism is not a respected field. People are doing bussiness and no one really cares about the common people. But now that’s gonna change, Scratch the Stone with thread and it will leave the mark. Akhilesh’s vision (how this company started)

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